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"In the spring of 2008 Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright revealed in an interview with GateWorld that he and editor Brad Rines were revisiting “Children of the Gods,” the original 2-part pilot episode that started the franchise that now spans 12 years and 314 produced episodes (and counting …).  He had come across the episode on television, and decided to fix the flaws and bring everything the Stargate team has learned in more than a decade.  Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut is the realization of that vision, and it’s on DVD this week (North America).

The process consisted of several steps.  The Brads returned to archival footage of original dailies, choosing some different takes, trimming some scenes, and restoring material previously cut.  With advances in technology, it was then time to revisit the show’s visual effects — such as making the Stargate puddles look like the bluer, more polished version that emerged as the series went on.  There were also audio issues to revisit, including some dialogue in need of replacement.  And finally, the original episode’s somewhat awkward use of score from the 1994 “Stargate” movie had to be stripped out, and SG-1 composer Joel Goldsmith’s original work allowed to shine.

The result?  Final Cut is a much better movie.  The episode and its story are very much the same, so the nostalgia factor has not been paved over with a new super-highway.  No, this is still the “Children of the Gods” that we know and love — but now it is better.  All those points at which many fans would roll their eyes and think, “Well, it was the first episode — they got better as the show progressed” have been fixed or taken out."

  • awatar muzyka: i jak się podobał?, moje zastrzeżenia znasz, ale jeszcze raz podkreślam, całkiem udany film (warto na niego pójśc do kina), jest parę zonkow, ale wszystko jest wynagradzane przez znakomite efekty
  • awatar Tomasz Wójcikowski: Dopiero się wybieram, ale jestem zdecydowany. Objerzałem ostatnio powtórnie pierwszą część i stwierdziłem, że w swoim gatunku to dobra produkcja.
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