Wpisy użytkownika Tomasz Wójcikowski z dnia 8 września 2008

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"High level AI, with friendly interaction and fighting between inmates dependant upon mood and gang affiliation. Guards will subdue agressive prisoners, medical staff treat injuries, Chaplains administer to prisoner's spiritual needs and Therapists talk to prisoners to lift their spirits.

Over 100 unique animations for each prisoner, allowing them greater interaction with their surrounding environment, fellow prisoners and staff.

96 unique and detailed prisoner model variations created to allow for a wide and varied prison population.

Unique "builder within a builder" System... Open your buildings and build their interior content where ever you like.

3 unique prison building sets. Each level in the game has its own complete and unique set of buildings. The prison buildings within the game closely resemble real life prisons in their architectural style.

Over 100 different prison buildings to place and furnish.

Over 100 different rooms and objects were created to place within the prison buildings, each one allowing prisoners to interact with them on various levels and each one having different effects on the prisoner’s mood.

3 unique and highly detailed 3D landscapes based on real life locations."